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    At the same time, the German second-line army began to replace equipment on a large scale, with STG-44 assault rifles, brand new MG-42 multi-purpose machine guns, brand new Panther tanks, not too new 100mm. , 57mm anti-aircraft guns... many new weapons. Nerve bombs of German soldiers. Replacing equipment such as Panther tanks, 57mm and 100mm anti-aircraft guns is top secret, and 130mm grenade launchers are top secret of top secret, each division has a grenade launcher battalion, but the marshal requested They must strictly control these missile launchers. Keep it a secret and do not use it easily without his orders. In addition, the German army also installed a very interesting weapon: personal mines. This thing can be carried by a soldier, and in a short time can be spread over a distance of 300 meters, can spread dozens or even dozens of small anti-infantry mines, can form several mines in a short time. such individual mines period A minefield is best used to cast shadows on people. Likewise, this piece of equipment was also required to be kept strictly confidential, and even the training was conducted in secret.

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    Xue Jianqiang sat down, took a sip of water and said: "Tanks have a service life. The service life of a tank engine is less than 500 hours. I rushed from Baotou to Mobei in one breath and drove three or four hundred times . The kilometers are enough, if you drive again, you will have to change all the engines before going to war, this is a lot of work and the gain is not worth it, so I recommend the tank soldiers should retreat, and tanks should be left in Mobei, at the same time, armored soldiers Cadets at the training base who have been training for three months are all sent to Mobei, where they are training With the equipment of those armored brigades... Mobei has a sparsely populated land and arid climate, making it even more suitable for armored training."

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